Arlen Ness Velocity 65° Air Cleaner - M8


Arlen Ness

  • Arlen Ness air cleaners for M8 models feature patented Big Sucker "hidden breather" technology and a forward-facing 65° intake design that produces the highest air flow performance numbers (CFM) we have tested
  • Hidden breathers are o-ringed at the heads and exist out the mouth of the injector/carb to provide efficient engine breathing, eliminating the need for any external hoses or hardware
  • Integrated radius air inlet for performance gaining unobstructed airflow
  • Milwaukee Eight engine applications include a throttle servo cover
  • Inverted 65 style filter features a built-in inverted top to pull in air not only from all sides of the filter but also the front, which directs more performance gaining airflow into your engine
  • Each filter is constructed from synthetic material that is water resistant, which in most cases eliminates the need for a rain sock
  • Arlen Ness Velocity 65° air cleaner filters are re-usable and do not require oil, just rinse and re-use
  • Choose from black or chrome finish
  • Pre-filter with hydrophobic technology repels water in wet and rainy conditions and deflects dirt and other harmful debris from your filter that would otherwise damage or clog the filter; sold separately