6-Speed and 5-Speed N1 Shift Systems: 

The Baker N1 Shift Drums have a 0-down all-up shifting pattern and eliminate any possibility of catching neutral on aggressive 1-2 shifts. Neutral is below 1st. The N1 drum is also popular with hand-shifting bikes where finding neutral without doubt or error is critical to safety or riding/looking smooth.


  • 6-Speed N1 Shift Pattern System, 1980-1997 Big Twins (PN N181-6)*
  • 6-Speed N1 Shift Pattern System, 1998-2000 Big Twins (PN N182-6)*
  • 6-Speed N1 Shift Pattern System, BAKER DD6 (PN 124-DD6N1-A)
  • 6-Speed N1 Shift Pattern System, BAKER OD6 (PN N171-6)
  • 5-Speed N1 Shift Pattern System, 1980-2006 Big Twin (except 2006 Dyna) and BAKER DD5 (PN N171-5)**




For BAKER OD6 and DD6 applications. The N1 Shift Drum only is required if you purchased your BAKER DD6 or OD6 after June 2000. For units purchased prior to that date, you need to purchase the N171-6 Shift Kit. N171-6 comes with a drum, 6061-T6 pillow blocks, and a torsion-spring loaded detent system.



BAKER N1 Shift Drums are available for stock or BAKER transmission applications. Call 517-339-3835 to see if you need to upgrade the ratchet pawl on your model.   


4-Speed Baker N1 Shift Drums: 

Eliminates the possibility of catching neutral on a 1-2 upshift. A quadriplegic could find neutral on a hand shift bike with the N1 shift pattern. We start with a solid chunk of steel, machine in all the features, then remove the unnecessary material. Two Teflon coated bushings are pressed into the drum axis bore for smooth rotation on shifts.

The N1 drum changes the shift pattern from the standard 1-N-2-3-4 to N-1-2-3-4.



  • 1952-79 ratchet tops with no modification (PN 4-155N1-A)


Baker N1 Shift Drum Install Instructions: Click Here