Bung King


This is our Jockey shift motor mount kit, it is designed for those looking to make a motor mount with an integral pivot for a jockey shift handle. They are available for all Harley motor types. You bolt the center pin that is tapped to accept a 1/2 x 13 bolt to your upper motor mount plate on the chassis, install the two counterbore bungs in place on the cylinder heads, and then fill the gap between the two with the supplied round bar. After the motor section of the mount is installed you can create your handle for a tank shift style shifter. The bushing has a high temp bronze bushing installed and works with a shoulder bolt so the hardware can be tight but allow for free movement. Each kit includes the following:


  • 2 counterbore bungs of the correct size for your motor type
  • 3" long center mount tapped to 1/2 X 20 on one side to accept bolt from the chassis tab and tapped to accept a shoulder bolt at the other.
  • Weld on pivot with a bronze oilite bushing installed
  • Stainless shoulder bolt and wave washer to reduce play
  • 1/2" cold rolled steel to span the gap between the heads and center mount
  • 2 Socket head cap screws for the heads and hex bolt for the center mount
  • Sold as a kit