Custom Dynamics

  • Dual-function LED fork wrap-around turn signals
  • Feature white running lights with amber LED turn signals in a smoke tube
  • White running light LEDs are automatically deactivated when the turn signals or hazard warning lights are activated, and automatically reactivated when the turn signals or hazard warning lights are deactivated
  • LEDs function with 4-way hazards and alarms when bike is on or off
  • Easy to install, just clean surface with enclosed 3M™ Primer, peel liner from 3M™ tape, and wrap around the fork tubes
  • Include 6 Posi-Taps for simple tap-in installation or solder connectors with enclosed adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing
  • Include stainless steel wire loom and chrome tie wraps for a professional clean installation
2021Harley-DavidsonIron 1200 XLNS--
2014-2015Harley-DavidsonSuperLow 1200 XLT--
2011-2019Harley-Davidson883 SuperLow XLL--
2011-2015, 2018-2019Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--
2009-2021Harley-DavidsonIron 883 XLN--
2009-2012Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 X XR--
2009-2012Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 XR--
2007-2012Harley-Davidson1200 Nightster XLN--
2007-2011Harley-Davidson1200 Low EFI XLL--
2007-2010Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--
2007-2010Harley-Davidson883 Low EFI XLL--
2007-2009Harley-Davidson883 EFI XL--
2007-2009Harley-Davidson883 Custom EFI XLC--
2007-2008Harley-Davidson1200 Roadster EFI XLR--
2007Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 XL 50--
2007Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2006Harley-Davidson1200 Roadster EFI XLR--
2006Harley-Davidson883 Low EFI XLL--
2006Harley-Davidson1200 Low EFI XLL--
2006Harley-Davidson1200 Low XLL--
2006Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2005-2007Harley-Davidson883 Roadster XLR--
2005-2006Harley-Davidson883 Low XLL--
2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Custom FXDC--
2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Custom EFI FXDCI--
2005Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson883 XL--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson1200 Roadster XLR--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson1200 Custom XLC--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson883 Custom XLC--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson883 Custom EFI XLC--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--
2004-2005Harley-DavidsonLow Rider EFI FXDL--
2004-2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Sport EFI FXDXI--
2004-2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide EFI FXDI--
2002-2005Harley-DavidsonLow Rider FXDL--
2002-2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide FXD--
2002-2003, 2011-2015Harley-Davidson1200 XLCP--
2002-2003Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--
2002-2003Harley-Davidson883 Roadster XLR--
2002-2003Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2001-2003Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide T-Sport FXDXT--
2000Harley-DavidsonFXR 4--
1999-2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Sport FXDX--
1999-2003Harley-Davidson883 Custom EFI XLC--
1999-2000Harley-DavidsonDyna Convertible FXDS-CONV--
1999Harley-DavidsonFXR 2--
1999Harley-DavidsonFXR 3--
1998-2003Harley-Davidson883 Custom XLC--
1997-2003Harley-Davidson883 Hugger XLH--
1997-2003Harley-DavidsonSportster 883 XLH--
1997-2003Harley-Davidson1200 Custom XLC--
1997-2001Harley-DavidsonLow Rider FXDL--
1997-2001Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide FXD--
1997-1998Harley-DavidsonDyna Convertible FXDS-CONV--
1996-2003Harley-Davidson1200 Sport XLS--
1996Harley-Davidson1200 Custom XLC--
1995-1996Harley-DavidsonDyna Convertible FXDS-CONV--
1995-1996Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide FXD--
1993-1996Harley-DavidsonLow Rider FXDL--
1992-1996Harley-Davidson883 Hugger XLH--
1992-1996Harley-DavidsonSportster 883 XLH--
1992-1995Harley-Davidson883 Deluxe XLH--
1992Harley-DavidsonDyna Daytona FXDB--
1992Harley-DavidsonDyna Glide Custom FXDC--
1991-2003Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 XLH--
1991Harley-DavidsonDyna Sturgis FXDB--
1991Harley-Davidson883 Hugger XLH--
1991Harley-Davidson883 Deluxe XLH--
1991Harley-DavidsonSportster 883 XLH--
1990-1993Harley-DavidsonLow Rider Convertible FXRS-CONV--
1988-1990Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 XLH--
1987-1990Harley-DavidsonSportster 883 XLH--
1987-1990Harley-Davidson883 Deluxe XLH--
1987-1990Harley-Davidson883 Hugger XLH--
1987-1988Harley-DavidsonSportster 1100 XLH--
1987Harley-DavidsonLow Rider Chrome FXRC--
1986-1994Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide FXR--
1986-1993Harley-DavidsonLow Rider Sport FXRS-SP--
1986-1993Harley-DavidsonLow Rider FXRS--
1986Harley-DavidsonSport Glide Grand Touring FXRD--
1985-1993Harley-DavidsonSport Glide FXRT--
1985Harley-DavidsonLow Glide Custom FXRC--
1985Harley-DavidsonLow Glide FXRS--
1984Harley-DavidsonLow Glide FXRS--
1984Harley-DavidsonDisc Glide FXRDG--
1983-1984Harley-DavidsonSport Glide FXRT--
1982-1983Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide II FXRS--
1982-1983Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide II FXR--