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Corsair Inverted Front End - Option II - The Barricade (Essential + Fender Bracket kit)

Does the front end on your FXR or Dyna flex like a wet noodle? Do you want your bike to go where you point the bars? Do you want your bike to stop like it's 200lbs lighter? Are you sick of the Ricky Racer Sportbike guys telling you that you are riding a big dumb Harley and you cannot ride one fast in the curves? If you answered 'Yes' to one or more of these questions we have the solution for you!

We have a state of the art Sportbike inverted front end with powerful 4 piston brakes that will bolt up to your FXR or Dyna in a few hours. We have done all the homework for correcting the ride height and trail calculations that most encounter doing this type of upgrade.

Included features of this kit:

1) Dual 4 piston radial mounted calipers

2) Dual 310mm floating rotors.

3) Adjustable compression and rebound dampening features.

4)  Billet USA made Corsair Triple trees with correct trail and height dimensions.

5) Custom axle for your model and year motorcycle.

6) Mechanical speedometer drive is retained.

7) Custom steering stem.

8) Eyebrow mounts are retained for a true bolt on installation.

Included parts:

1) Seasoned fork legs in Black or Gold modified for this application.

2) Seasoned pair of Radial mount 4 piston calipers.

3) New High performance brake pads.

4) New 310mm floating rotors modified for this application.

5) New Steering stem bearings and dust shields.

6) All required hardware to install.

Fender Mount kit to run you stock narrow glide on the inverted front end.

a) Custom billet mounting struts.

b) All required hardware.

*Fender brackets are shown assembled in pictures above̴


Fits: 1982-1994, 1999-2000 FXR models

̴1991-2005 Dyna Models

*Please allow a two week lead time for this item*

Installation Video:̴Ì_

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