HHB Harley Davidson Sprocket Lock System


Hugh's Hand Built


Hugh's Hand Built HD Harley-Davidson Sprocket Lock System


Designed in house, CNC Machined in the USA


Positive Retention Design U bolts cannot back out


100% Bolt On, no machining required


Fits most *XL, Big Twin and Buell rear wheels


Work on Chain and Belt Drive Sprockets


Sprocket Bolts NOT Included


Tumbled Finish, Black or Gold Available




No more loose bolts on that XL, Big Twin or Tube Frame Buell motorcycle not with our Hugh's Hand Built HD Motorcycle Sprocket Lock System.


Designed to work on ALL XL, Big Twin and Buell Motorcycles that use a 5 bolt pattern on the rear sprocket, this system is 100% Bolt On and creates a positive retention on the sprocket bolts, ensuring that they cannot back out or come loose again.


If you've ever witnessed the damage, frustration and downtime that a loose sprocket creates, then you'll understand why we've created this solution.


The 5 Bolt pattern used on modern HD motorcycles has been around for a long time, while the bikes have gotten heavier, more powerful, have better brakes, and come with much better tires and all this creates a nice reason for those bolts to work loose.  If your bike has an *HD-style rear wheel and uses hardware with a 5/8" Hex Head, then this motorcycle sprocket locket is for you!

Hey Hugh, will this Harley rear sprocket fit my XXX Blah Blah whatever model custom with a chrome fender and a Slayer sticker on the tank? 


If you can slip a 1/8" bit of steel between your sprocket bolt heads and whatever else may be close to them, then yes the low profile design should fit any and all customs and OEM bikes using an HD Style Wheel


Save the frustration and downtime this system installs with basic handtools and just a bit of time on your part. Easy stuff, and it looks killer!


*The only current exception is wheels that aren't threaded, but use a flange/bolt/nut system instead  and while this will still fit, it doesn't lock the nuts into place on the backside, we have a solution coming for that VERY soon 

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