Kraus Dynamoto SP Inverted Front End Kit





Kraus Motor Company has designed and engineered the DYNAMOTO SP INVERTED FRONT END to be the absolute best performance suspension product for Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles.
The Dynamoto SP package takes all of the guesswork and hassle out of upgrading your motorcycles suspension. Suspension is extremely important and is at the core of a properly functional, fun and stable motorcycle.
Suspension works to keep traction, controls the reaction of the motorcycle to road conditions, controls brake dive and increases the overall stability. A well tuned suspension ensures comfort and fun for the rider. If you’ve ever ridden a squirrelly handling machine you know exactly what we mean when we say “suspension is critical to enjoying the ride”.
For full fitment you will need to add an Axle and Spacer option, a Headlight or Fairing option, a Fender option,  and Rotor Spacers for 2005 and previous front wheels.     


Complete with:

  • Ohlins R&T forks sprung for your Harley
  • Right and left 108mm Radial Caliper Adapters
  • Dynamoto Triple Trees

Recommended Accessories:

  • Axle and spacers for your stock Harley or aftermarket wheel
  • GPR Steering Stabilizer Kit for extra stability and control
  • Headlight Visor Mount to bolt on your stock Harley visor and mount your original headlight. Use our Bottom Headlight Mount to fasten your Harley or aftermarket headlight to your bottom Dynamoto Triple Tree
  • FXDXT Fairing Mounts to run a T-Sport fairing with your inverted front end
  • Carbon Fiber or Fiber Glass Fender Kits to keep the dirt off your face
  • Run radial calipers with a Beringer Front Brake Kit


Installation Instructions



Gold Forks:
 - Raw aluminum tree's
 - Raw aluminum caliper adapters

Black Forks:
 - Black anodized tree's
 - Black anodized caliper adapter

The Kraus Dynamoto SP kit can fit Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles: Dyna, FXR, Sportster and Softail models.  FXRT fairings will need minor modification for fork and triple tree clearance.

Our kits bolt on to:

  • Dyna
  • FXR
  • Sportster
  • Softail

Select "custom" in the "Select your Bike" options below if you require customized product options and send us your email address.