Leather Pros Adjustable Heat Shield for Retro V2 bags


Leather Pros


Additional adjustable heat shield for those of you who are running a TBR or similar pipe that blows exhaust at the bottom front corner of the saddlebag. This shield is a bolt on addition and is adjustable for when you run your bags in expanded mode. It is laser cut from 16 gauge steel and is powder-coated black. It has 4 insulating spacers to create an air gap between it and the stock heat shield to keep heat transfer at a minimum. It is NOT guaranteed that it will prevent the bag from melting for all exhaust systems and additional shielding or deflecting may be required. Use caution and common sense when mounting your bags. You can't have hot exhaust gases blowing directly at the fabric or plastic and expect it not to melt, especially on long extended rides on a hot day.


This shield only fits our V2 Dyna and FXR Retro T-Sport Bags with the double layer heat shield.. It does not fit the older version that has the single heat shield.