Lectron Fuel Systems Harley Carbs




Due to our high order volume, this product currently has a two week lead time.


We can build a carb for any Harley. If you aren't sure what you need or have a custom application, order the kit and send an email to sales@lectronfuelsystems.com with a few pictures and a good phone number to discuss any further details.


The Harley Carburetor kit includes:


  • Harley Carb with our Gen II idle circuit.
  • 33" Barnett Throttle Cable to fit Harley style throttles
  • 3 Bolt Air Filter Adapter (Universal bolt patterns)
  • 2 Bolt Manifold adapter (will also fit stock manifolds)
  • Metering Rod Adjustment Tool
  • Shims to adjust spacing


 Note: When upgrading from a smaller carburetor to an HD 400 kit, you may need to purchase a larger intake manifold. 


*Lectrons provide superior throttle response and power delivery by utilizing our patented metering rod.


*Our simple design does not incorporate multiple jets to replace.


*Our taper bore squeezes the air to increase speed and create fuel lift behind our flat metering rod.


*Lectrons are a great choice for riders seeking performance, fuel economy, simplicity and smoother power delivery.


*Our new idle correction circuit helps maintain good idle while still having a good throttle snap off low RPM so there is no need for an accelerator pump.

*Lectron is a competitive advantage to 4 stroke engines used for all racing and off road applications.


These products are for racing use only!




Choose the kit correct for your engine size.