Royal-T Stepped FXR Exhaust


Royal T


The Royal-T Racing FXR Exhaust is not just a performance piece , but functional art. Completely unique to other FXR exhausts on the market, the Royal-T Racing muffler offers a snappy, tuned sound and is completely serviceable to add or remove packing as needed. Stepped primaries from 1.75" - 1.875" - 2.00" that merge in a 2-1 collector with a 2.5" exit into the muffler. Semi polished stainless steel construction, featuring the highest quality back-purged TIG welds to ensure weld integrity and minimize exhaust turbulence. No corners are ever cut during the build process.


****Wait time varies based on current work load****

Available for all EVO FXR models with mid controls, (not currently available for Shovelhead FXRs).