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Speed-Kings Integrated Creator


The Integrated Creator is a great affordable upgrade with improved projection field. This light is a night time killer at 70 watts running over 5000 lumens. Speed-Kings Cycle offers a 1 year warranty on this product. Plug and play unit for your 5.75 headlight.

Integrated Creator features:

- 5000 Lumens
- LED Chip Technology
- High Beam & Low Beam
- 6500K White Light
- Aluminum Housing that is shock resistant and vibration resistant
- Polycarbonate Lens
- Waterproof: IP67


This model is plug and play, however, you will have to wire up the Integrated Blinkers.

Fits all Harley models with 5.75" headlight


7" model fits most Harley's with a 7" bucket in some cases some trimming of the bucket is necessary.

Get light where you need it for a fraction of the cost of the BIG companies!


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