Bare Knuckle Performance 49mm Narrow Glide Front Suspension Kit




From Bare Knuckle Performance

49mm Narrow Glide Front Suspension Kit- the first and only of its kind, this premium suspension kit allows you to use your stock Narrow Glide wheels on your stock FXR or Dyna, while correcting geometric problems inherent to stock 39mm Narrow Glides, and opening up your performance suspension options and better braking components. Each kit includes top and bottom triple tree, high quality 17-4 stainless steel stem, washer, and Pro-Bolt stem nut, our stainless steel axle kit, complete with ARP nut and taper washer, and the necessary axle spacers for your application. Each kit can be upgraded to include GPR Stabilizer, T-Sport fairing mount, eye brow headlight mount, as well as other fairing options. 


NOTE: user must provide 2006/later Dyna tubes/sliders/internals, 2000/later brake caliper(s), your choice of 1999/earlier wheel or 2000-20005 wheel. All wheels must use 11.8" rotor.

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