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Motorcycle parts installation guides, Product reviews and Shop visits.

We at down with Bredz from @FXLRSGANG to check out his ride. 

Kernville 2022!!








LEXIN G16! This thing brings the heat!

Let's talk SEATS! We check out and go over the SDC X Saddlemen Pro Seat. 

We got our hands on a fresh set of Leather Pro V3 and go over all the features. Grab yours at www.Speed-KingsCycle.com

BAGGER RACING LEAGUE! We had a great day despite crazy weather at Chuckwalla Raceway!

RIDER PROFILE VIDEOS ARE BACK!! We sat down with @_Losall805 and talked about his newest addition.  

We spent a day with the man behind some of the most innovative wheels on the market. Jade from Jade Affiliated, is a one man army making sure your wheel game never stays stale. Check out our latest visits video. 


We go over the badass line of products by Kraus!

Lets check out Thrashin Supply's latest luggage creation. The Mission Duffle!

We go over the NEW Legend Revo-ARC check em out!

Peep the new Thrashin Supply Risers. American made art!!

We dont do this for Instagram Glory, we do this because we love it. No big sponsors, no trust funds, no back up plan. Heres what we did with the new 2018 FXLR. You've been wanting to get the low down on my lowrider so its here!

The first ever detailed 06+ Dyna chain drive install video. We use our own chain kit with integrated locking system. The proven strongest kit on the market.

We go through and install a new Dual Gauge pod setup using the Guerrilla Cables Harness

Watch as we check out the new Thrashin Supply bags!

We linked up with our pal @oscarmag_ and got the lowdown on his 2016 StreetBob

bringing in another heater for your viewing pleasure. We sat down with the Mayor of Murrieta @SuckaFreeMikeD and got the skinny on his FXR.

We kick off 2019 with our first “Rider Profile” of season 2 with Kyle Koop of @_spiltmilkleatherco

We got the chance to check out the 2019 color lineup of Biltwell Inc. Lanesplitter helmets. Check them out!

We love new builds so of course we headed over to RWD to check out their latest build. This bike boasts a ton of parts from some of the best companies in the game. 

We check out Lyndall Crown Cut rotors and install them on our 2009 Sportster. Stopping power mixed with style!

We got to sit down with Lisa Matteroli and Jerry "The Goo" Abrahams' to go over their pair of 1993 FXR builds. These bikes are LEGIT! 🦅

Check out these amazing motorcycle handlebar phone mounts from RokForm. Grab yours here!

Follow along with us as we install the new S&S Grand National Pipe. This thing not only packs the power it boasts a unique 2 into 1 into 2 design that brings the thunder!

We go over the S&S Cycle Mini Tear Drop Air Cleaner for the Twin Cam. We love their series of Stealth air cleaners. Check out the video and see why!

A little suspension inspiration for your soul.

 Check out the legendary Espinoza's Leather and see how they started their custom vest empire!

Check out our video with Barry Nobles as he goes over his Dyna and talks about why he rides. 

We go through some our favorite bags and show why and how we use them!

Follow along with us as we review Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter Helmet and install some new goodies on it.

We love these Custom Dynamics turn signal inserts. We have them on all our bikes. Check out how they work and grab your set here.

We check out all the new Biltwell Inc. Moto Glove colors and show you how to properly install them. 

We met up with John Johnson to go over his 2017 FXDL. Check out our full YouTube page Click Here.

In this video we go through installing a Saddlemen Seat on our 2018 FXLR. Looking for a custom seat for your Dyna, Sportster, FXR, Bagger or 2018 model? Get in touch with us! info@speed-kingscycle.com


In this video we install some Biltwell Murdock Risers along with some Biltwell Tracker Low Bars. 


Follow along with us as we visit our friend Erik at @JiffyTune as he explains what Dyno Tuning is and how it will help your bike perform the best. 


Looking to upgrade your clutch? We got you covered with our Energy One Kevlar Kit. Check it out as we walk you through the installation.


If you love canyon riding this video is for you! Gain more ground clearance with this install. Follow along as we add +2 49mm Fork Tubes to this Dyna. You can find the tube kit here. Don't forget those important tools you will need for the install. You can find that here.