Bung King Handlebar / T-Bar Lift Kit


Bung King


This product was originally made for those of you who purchased a set of t-bars but after a time wished you had gotten a little taller ones. These spacers allow the ability to rise your bars 1.5" from their current location. Most bars with internal wiring already installed can be lifted without having to rewire, and most cables depending on application can take the extra 1.5" so the install is usually only a few minutes and there is not usually any extra cost for cables or a long rewire process. The spacer is simply placed in between the bars and the upper tree and the supplied grade 8 longer bolts are to be installed in place of the stock ones. The kit can also work to elevate your riser without having to purchase new ones. The kit is available in either 1" or 1.25" dia to help fit your needs as well as being available in a polished, brushed finish, or powcder coated finish

Made of 6061-t6 aluminum

Available in either 1" or 1 1/4" diameter

Supplied with grade 8 Hardware

Available in polished, brushed, or powder coated finish

Sold in a set two spacers and two bolts

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