Bung King Sportster Sky Scraper Crash Bar


Bung King

This is our new 2 step version crashbar for the 2004 to present Sportster models.  For those Sportster riders who want to point their wheel to the sky and want some extra confidence in case it doesn't go so well, this crashbar provides the ultimate protection. This model can be used with forward or mid control models and works with most factory and aftermarket pipes.  Combine these with our Sportster passenger peg sliders and our upper shock sliders to help keep your bike safe for all you throw at.  For low speed tip overs the lower main bar will keep the bike upright and as speeds and inertia rise the upper bar will come into play. The front crash bar does what it sounds like it should, it protects the front section of the bike in case of a crash or if the bike happens to fall over. The assembly, in fact was designed and built for some local stunt riders to protect their bikes as they were learning new tricks and didn't want to destroy their new Sporty's in the process. The bar features replaceable delrin sliders on the ends to help the bike slide over the pavement as opposed to taking hold of the bike while it is sliding and causing it to high-side. A lot of R&D has gone into the exact placement and length of the bar to ensure enough lean angle so not to impede other types of high speed cornering and still provide the right amount of protection.

Can be used with most OEM exhaust as well as with most aftermarket pipes.

Can be used on Forward control or Mid control Harley Davidson Sportster models 2004 to present.

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery


  • Made of Mild Steel
  • Fully TIG welded for strength
  • Gloss Black Powdercoat
  • Overall width of 30"
  • Sold as a bolt on kit
  • Replaceable Delrin Slider Ends
  • Made in the USA