Kraus Isolated Risers




Kraus Isolated Risers


KRAUS has developed the solution for bad handling, sloppy bars.


The Isolated Riser Bar Clamp is designed to offer a solid secure mount, and vibration damping, solving the problem of unwanted handlebar movement.The Isolated Risers house vibration dampening rubber bushings in the clamp body, directly below your handlebars. The proprietary use of these rubber isolators take the vibration out of the bars but do not allow excessive movement caused by leverage like traditional OEM rubber mounted bar setups. Isolated Risers are mounted to your top triple tree using the provided solid bushings. With a stronger, solid connection to your front suspension, you have more control. Running Isolated Risers allows precise input into steering, enhances control and dissipates vibration in your bars and hands.


You will immediately notice decreased rider fatigue as well as being able to see what's in your mirrors.


Handle bar clamping area is offered in either 1 inch for MX style bars or 1 inch for standard Harley 1 inch bars.


  • Secure feeling of a rigidly mounted handlebar but without the vibration.
  • Clamp has an opening to accommodating hidden wiring.
  • Run Moto bars available from Kraus.
  • Bushing life is increased for less maintenance.
  • 3.5" on center for standard OEM Harley fitment.

measured from the bottom of the riser to the middle of the bar clamp