Kraus T-Rex Pull Back Plate




The Kraus Motor Co T-Rex Pull Back Plate mounts to the top of the triple tree and moves your bar mounts towards the rider 2.5". 


The T-Rex plate adds 1" of height. 


Street Glides and bikes with Batwing Fairings. The T-Rex Plate moves the bars back towards the rider to clear the Navigation screen and stereo so you can run straight risers or T-Bars.When running the T-Rex pullback plate you can not use your stock Key Switch/Steering Lock so you will need to relocate the switch. Check with your local shop or dealership for options. Some bikes can be reprogrammed to not need the key switch at all.


Suggested for use on Street Glides and Electra Glides but can also be used on other Harley's including Road Glides, Softail's and Dyna's.


Select your bike model when ordering the Kraus Motor Co T-Rex Pull Back Plate