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Our Retro Series bags have earned a reputation for being the best T-sport bags on the market. We've designed these nylon motorcycle saddlebags with superior materials, a stupid simple yet rock solid mounting system, and expandability that makes Baggers jealous. We've always pushed to make the best bags on the market, and we aren't letting up any time soon. We knew we had a great design when we first made these bags, but we've managed to squeeze in some improvements.


Let's Talk Fabric


We are upgrading to 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon from INVISTA. This is a heavy duty American made fabric with a patented formulation to increase strength, abrasion resistance, and the melting point. Some people might try to tell you that 1680 Denier fabric is stronger, but it is made in China using inferior materials. 1050 Denier Nylon actually weighs 25% more than 1680 Denier Nylon


Easy Mounting


Our patented mounting system is a big part of what made Leather Pros t-sport bags great to begin with, and we've improved it. All parts are laser cut, and moving parts are lubricated with Teflon washers to ensure the clamping mechanism is smooth and precise. We've beefed things up a bit and made it adjustable and removable without using any tools. These are true quick release bags.




One of the things we've heard from a lot of owners is that they wished the nylon motorcycle saddlebags came with a lock. Well we've heard you. Your bags can now be locked to your bike using an integrated lock. No padlock required. This also cleans up the inside of the t-sport bag so there's more room for your stuff.


Heating up!


We built the Leather Pros t-sport bags to work with stock exhausts, but that's just not your style! We've added a dual layer heat shield to our bags to help dissipate the extra heat from most upswept 2-1 exhausts like the Bassani Road Rage. Still use caution when customizing your bike though. We can't guarantee it will work with every pipe under the sun and additional shielding may be required.


Mounting and Compatibility


These bags are compatible with all FXR models with8" Strut Bolt Spacing. Turn signals will need to be relocate off the strut, and if you have a side mounted license plate it will need to be relocated as well. All mounting hardware is included, and will work with detachable backrests.


*** May take 4 weeks to ship out ***

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