Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairing Kits - 20+ FXLRS


Memphis Shades


We put everything you need together in 1 kit with all the options! This helps you not have to piece together your order.


Road Warrior Fairing

- Stylish coverage with clean lines and smooth curves.

- 19" wide

- Class A gloss black finish outside.

- Six windshield heights - three shades of black - - Model-specific mounting kits feature Memphis Shades exclusive Trigger-Lock mounting system - sold separately.

- Designed for use with headlight extension block - 

- Made in the U.S.A.


Memphis Shades proprietary trigger lock system for the Road Warrior fairing.

Available with plates only or the whole Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairing Kit in chrome and black finish.


Windshields for Road Warrior Fairing

- Made of Lucite for best quality and durability.

- Available in six heights 7", 9", 11", 13", 15" and 17".

- Available in Dark Black Smoke (a black tint with 25% visible light transmission), Black Smoke (a black tint with 40% visible light transmission), or Ghost (a light black tint with 85% visible light transmission)


How to size the windshield: The fairing adds roughly 3" to the height of the windshield. Ex: From the headlight opening to the top of a 11" windshield is 14".



Harley-Davidson FXLRS 20+ Lowrider S only

Harley-Davidson 2020+ FXLRS Only

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