RSD - CAFE RACER SOLO SEAT - '04-20 XL 3.3 GAL TANK & '10-20 XL 2.1, 2.25 GAL TANK



  • Made of unique distressed vinyl with hand-sewn lines, triple-stitched
  • Ergonomic shape keeps rider firmly seated and comfortable
  • Controlled-density polyurethane foam
  • Marine-grade fiberglass baseplate
  • 11" W front, 5.5" W rear area
  • RSD Steel Eagle badge
  • Rear portion of the seat is for decoration only; not for passenger use.
2021Harley-DavidsonSportster S-Notes: 2021
W/2.1, 2.25 or 3.3 gal tank
2018-2021Harley-DavidsonIron 1200 XLNS-Notes: 2020-2021
W/2.1, 2.25 or 3.3 gal tank
2018-2019Harley-DavidsonSportster Forty-Eight Special XLXS--
2016-2020Harley-Davidson1200 Roadster XLCX--
2014-2017Harley-DavidsonSuperLow 1200 XLT--
2012-2016Harley-DavidsonSportster Seventy-Two XLV--
2011-2019Harley-Davidson883 SuperLow XLL--
2011-2019Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--
2011-2017Harley-Davidson1200 XLCP--
2010-2021Harley-DavidsonSportster Forty-Eight XLX-Notes: 2021
W/2.1, 2.25 or 3.3 gal tank
2009-2021Harley-DavidsonIron 883 XLN-Notes: 2021
W/2.1, 2.25 or 3.3 gal tank
2009-2012Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 XR--
2009-2012Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 X XR--
2007-2012Harley-Davidson1200 Nightster XLN--
2007-2011Harley-Davidson1200 Low EFI XLL--
2007-2010Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--
2007-2010Harley-Davidson883 Low EFI XLL--
2007-2009Harley-Davidson883 EFI XL-Notes: 2009
W/3.3 gal tank
2007-2009Harley-Davidson883 Custom EFI XLC--
2007-2008Harley-Davidson1200 Roadster EFI XLR-Notes: 2006
W/3.3 gal tank
2007Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 XL 50--
2007Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2006Harley-Davidson1200 Low XLL--
2006Harley-Davidson1200 Roadster EFI XLR-Notes: 2006
W/3.3 gal tank
2006Harley-Davidson1200 Low EFI XLL--
2006Harley-Davidson883 Low EFI XLL--
2006Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2005-2007Harley-Davidson883 Roadster XLR--
2005-2006Harley-Davidson883 Low XLL--
2005Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson883 XL--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson1200 Roadster XLR--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson1200 Custom XLC--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson883 Custom XLC--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson883 Custom EFI XLC--
2004-2006Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--