S&S Cycle - Mk45 Slip-On Mufflers Chrome with Highlight Machined Black Tracer End Caps - 4.5" for 2017-'19 M8 Touring Models


S&S Cycle


Mk45 Slip-On Mufflers are the result of decades of riding, racing and tuning. Combining both a stainless steel perforated core baffle with RaceTEX cartridge packing, they create a deep rumble and improved horsepower and torque, all while adding a unique look with styled aluminum end caps.


  • 7 horsepower gain*
  • Includes removable dB Reducer (J2825 compliant)
  • Stainless steel baffle with RaceTEX cartridge packing
  • Show quality chrome finish
  • Made in the USA!


*Tested with Stealth Air Cleaner Kit

  • 2017-'19 Touring Models