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Speed-Kings 2018 FXLR Dual Gauge Setup


We were tired of looking down on our tank to see if the cop we just flew past was going to pull us over. We came up with a kit to help keep our gauges in plain site.

This kit is plug and play and comes with a factory style custom harness from Guerrilla Cables along with a block off cap for the frame where the gauge harness previously ran through. These features give your bike a factory look.


This kit consists of:

Dual Gauge Pod Bracket in Chrome or Gloss Black powder.

Gauge Back Plates

Wiring harness from Guerrilla Cables


Select your riser height so we can make sure you get the proper length wiring harness.

**Please allow time for coating**

**Gauge Block Off Plates Sold Separately**

**Additional parts needed from Harley**

2x 67104-95

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