How to FIX the Dyna Death Wobble

How to FIX the Dyna Death Wobble

Stephen EdgarAug 24, '20


For almost all Dyna riders this has been something that have plagued this bike since day one. High speed wobbles on cornering or even straight lines. 


The biggest question is "How do we fix it?!?"


While I wish it was as easy as saying here is this miracle elixir that fixes it all, it isn't that simple. The wobble can come from a multitude of things. Some simple things and some extensive things. Here is what I have learned over the years about how to fix the Dyna death wobble.


Neck Bearings: 

Neck bearings play a huge part in this. If you have worn out or not properly tightened neck bearings it can create play in your front end. This is never a good thing. 


When replacing your neck bearings it is always a good idea to replace your races as well. Here are the components we use as well as the neck bearing tools we use to make it happen. 



Tires can be overlooked as most people don't think this could be the cause. I know I did not until I learned more about tires. My thought was always "Its got tread its still good!" Come to find out that's not always true. Hard old tires can be a huge cause for the Dyna death wobble or just bad tracking in general. Make sure your tires are in good condition and aired up to the manufacturers PSI suggestion.


In most cases there is actual science now behind tires and what PSI they operate the best. 


Now balancing.... well I will say that I NEVER balance any of my wheels and tires. I hate the way the weights look. With that being said my bikes don't wobble.... Call me lucky or stupid I will answer to either. 


My current go to tire is the Metzler Cruisetec. It sticks very well and allows me to ride hard and not worry about slipping entering a corner. 


Engine Stabilization:

This is a important step, however, the misconception is this is the end all be all fix for the Dyna wobble. That's not true. This does contribute to A BIG portion of the wobble though. 


In cornering the Dyna powertrain has the ability to move in the frame being that it's essentially rubber mounted. So with addition to good motor mounts we like to use a stabilizing system. 

We have used and tested both of these stabilizers with great results. 



Suspension can play a big part in the Dyna death wobble itself. Poorly adjusted or blown out suspension is the worst! We offer many suspension upgrades within everyone's budget. 

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