About us

In order to know who we are I felt it was important to hear it from another perspective. Words from Ryan Loughridge from a ChopCult interview. 


"Sadly, honesty and business don’t go hand in hand as often as they should. A lack of customer service, overcharging for goods, and manufacturers not standing behind their products; these are all symptoms of a poorly run business. The Motorcycle Industry surely isn’t exempt from these conditions. But it’s easy to appreciate a well-run enterprise when the customer service is exceptional, the prices are fair and the seller stands by his product. So much so, that you may even return and (gasp!) give them more business. The companies that fail to understand this will ultimately be defunct with time, but the ones that truly care about the customer will ultimately prevail.

 Happily, upstanding businesses do exist. Speed-Kings is definitely one of them. Over the course of a couple years of friendship with Stephen “Speed-King” Edgar, I have watched his business grow from him slinging a few small parts at the occasional swap meet into a larger internet presence. Stephen’s website now features a number of his own and other company’s products. The rapid expansion of his business happened in less than a year and it wasn’t by fate. Stephen’s a hustler; he provides products that people want. He stands by his product and his eagerness to treat his customers the same way he would want to be treated is his main initiative. Simple. 

The phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” rings true through many aspects of life. In my profession it is paramount. When I was first introduced to Speed-King Steve, I had no idea what kind of influence he would have. Through him, I was introduced to many other people with whom I have shared many good times on two wheels. He’s a humble person, who looks out for those he considers friends. It’s easy to see how that attitude translated into his successful business model."