Bung King Dyna Squish Plate


Bung King


Our squish plate assembely for the Dyna models is similar to what some would call a 12 bar but with some added safety and adjustment. The main section of the squishpale assembley is built from 1/4" steel plate and will bolt to the inside of the fender usung the factory fender strut holes. The assembely features replaceble rubber bumpers as well as a sacrificial plate, these parts allows the bike to have some give when contacting the pavement giving more time to react to reduce the dredded "mousetrap effect". Because the rear plte is replaceable you can scrape all you want and just have to change out the plate if worn through leaving the rest of the assembely in tact. If you want to go deeper you can remove the squish section and use the main part of the assembly as a traditional 12 bar. The factory fender will need to be trimmed back to fit, as well as longer fender bolts used

  • Made of cnc cut steel plate
  • Powdercoated Gloss Balck finish
  • Comes as one assembely, main plate, rubber bumpers, and sacrifical plate installed.