Custom Dynamics

  • Low profile aluminum radius (12 degree curvature) horizontal license plate frame
  • 20 amber LEDS on each side
  • 50 dual intensity red LEDs are flush mounted on each side and function as run, brake, and turn ( some applications only function as run/turn)
  • Plug & play installation
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Confirm license plate mounting bracket before purchasing. OEM mounting bracket may need to be modified or changed for radius license plate frame to mount properly. Plate frame requires 12 degree curved mounting.
2013Harley-DavidsonCVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE8--
2012Harley-DavidsonCVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE7--
2011-2013Harley-DavidsonRoad Glide Ultra FLTRU--
2011Harley-DavidsonCVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE6--
2011Harley-DavidsonCVO Road Glide Ultra FLTRUSE--
2010-2013Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Limited FLHTK--
2010Harley-DavidsonCVO Fat Bob FXDFSE2--
2010Harley-DavidsonCVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE5--
2010Harley-DavidsonCVO Softail Convertible FLSTSE--
2009-2013Harley-DavidsonRoad King Classic FLHRC--
2009-2013Harley-DavidsonTri Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUTG--
2009Harley-DavidsonCVO Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE4--
2009Harley-DavidsonCVO Softail Springer FXSTSSE3--
2009Harley-DavidsonCVO Fat Bob FXDFSE--
2008-2011Harley-DavidsonFat Bob FXDF--
2008-2010Harley-DavidsonSoftail Cross Bones FLSTSB--
2008Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE3--
2008Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Dyna FXDSE2--
2008Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Softail Springer FXSTSSE2--
2007-2010Harley-DavidsonSoftail Custom EFI FXSTC--
2007Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Softail Springer FXSTSSE--
2007Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE2--
2007Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Dyna FXDSE--
2006-2011Harley-DavidsonStreet Bob FXDB--
2006-2009Harley-DavidsonStreet Glide EFI FLHX--
2006Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide FXD35--
2006Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE--
2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Heritage EFI FLSTI--
2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Heritage FLST--
2006Harley-DavidsonStreet Glide FLHX--
2005-2011Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Custom EFI FXDCI--
2005-2010Harley-DavidsonSoftail Deluxe EFI FLSTNI--
2005-2007Harley-DavidsonSoftail Springer Classic EFI FLSTSCI--
2005-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Springer Classic FLSTSC--
2005-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Deluxe FLSTN--
2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Custom FXDC--
2005Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Electra Glide FLHTCSE2--
2004-2010Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide EFI FXDI--
2004-2009Harley-DavidsonLow Rider EFI FXDL--
2004-2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Sport EFI FXDXI--
2004Harley-DavidsonScreamin' Eagle Electra Glide FLHTCSE--
2002-2010Harley-DavidsonSoftail Fat Boy EFI FLSTFI--
2002-2003Harley-Davidson1200 XLCP--
2002-2003Harley-Davidson1200 Custom EFI XLC--
2002-2003Harley-Davidson883 Roadster EFI XLR--
2002-2003Harley-Davidson883 Roadster XLR--
2002Harley-DavidsonWide Glide FXDWG3--
2001-2010Harley-DavidsonSoftail Heritage Classic EFI FLSTCI--
2001-2010Harley-DavidsonSoftail Standard EFI FXSTI--
2001-2009Harley-DavidsonSoftail Night Train EFI FXSTBI--
2001-2007Harley-DavidsonSoftail Deuce EFI FXSTDI--
2001-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Springer EFI FXSTSI--
2001-2003Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide T-Sport FXDXT--
2001-2003Harley-DavidsonSoftail Heritage Springer EFI FLSTSI--
2001Harley-DavidsonWide Glide FXDWG2--
2000-2009Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Standard EFI FLHTI--
2000-2008, 2010-2011Harley-DavidsonWide Glide EFI FXDWGI--
2000-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Deuce FXSTD--
1999-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Night Train FXSTB--
1999-2005Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide Sport FXDX--
1999-2003Harley-Davidson883 Custom EFI XLC--
1998-2006Harley-DavidsonRoad Glide FLTR--
1998-2003Harley-Davidson883 Custom XLC--
1997-2013Harley-DavidsonRoad King EFI FLHR--
1997-2013Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Police FLHTPI--
1997-2013Harley-DavidsonRoad King Classic EFI FLHRC--
1997-2013Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLHTCUI--
1997-2013Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Classic EFI FLHTCI--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Police FLHTP--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonRoad King FLHR--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Standard FLHT--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Classic FLHTC--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonElectra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonWide Glide FXDWG--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonLow Rider FXDL--
1997-2006Harley-DavidsonSuper Glide FXD--
1997-2003Harley-DavidsonSoftail Heritage Springer FLSTS--
1997-2000Harley-DavidsonDyna Convertible FXDS-CONV--
1996-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Standard FXST--
1996-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Springer FXSTS--
1996-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Heritage Classic FLSTC--
1996-2006Harley-DavidsonSoftail Fat Boy FLSTF--
1996-2003Harley-Davidson1200 Custom XLC--
1996-2003Harley-Davidson1200 Sport XLS--
1996-1999Harley-DavidsonSoftail Custom FXSTC--
1996-1997Harley-DavidsonSoftail Bad Boy FXSTSB--
1996Harley-DavidsonSoftail Heritage Special FLSTN--
1993-2003Harley-Davidson883 Hugger XLH--
1993-2003Harley-DavidsonSportster 883 XLH--
1993-2003Harley-DavidsonSportster 1200 XLH--
1993-1995Harley-Davidson883 Deluxe XLH--